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Who are we?

  • Knowing How Research Insights is an independent research agency specialising in user experience (UX) research, usability and user centred design.

  • Our clients’ success depends on having a deep understanding of their customers and users - their goals, needs and pain points. Understanding mindset and behaviour is the code for digital experiences that users find more effective, efficient, engaging and enjoyable. What we do is get the insight that unlocks the code.

Why do we do it?

  • We are expert in human cognition and psychology – mind and behaviour.  We do what we do because what we do leads to improved user experiences and competitive advantage for our clients. The joy of research.

How do we operate?

  • Knowing How services the private, public and NGO sectors.

  • Our business is research - no matter how complex, demanding or challenging. Irrespective of sector or industry. Because we research people.

  • Our projects range from discrete packages of discovery research, to a series of usability tests or independent evaluations for instance, through to a full end-to-end project managed and delivered in full.

  • Our hall-mark is evidence-based actionable insights connected to aims and objectives. And the ability to communicate insights effectively, efficiently, engagingly and ..yes, enjoyably!

  • Full confidentiality and discretion guaranteed.

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Our UX Research Principles

  • Represent the users' voice

  • 100% focus on understanding users: goals, needs, problems, behaviours and contexts, so… not the stakeholders, nor the funders or business owners!

  • Understand what the user experience looks like

  • Apply method to suit the need

  • Only analyse / report what is there in the evidence

  • Analysis is more than an affinity map or coding - method of analysis applied according to research question

  • Pin insight findings to organisational objectives and aims

  • Effective collaborative working as part of  agile multi-disciplinary teams

  • Address assumptions head on and iteratively

Our Values

  • Do no harm

  • Challenge assumptions

  • Manage and reduce risk

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Focus on users

  • Embedding accessibility and inclusivity thinking and action at all levels, at all stages

  • Work transparently and collaboratively with our clients

Knowing How User Research | The Joy of Research
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Our Methods A snapshot


Discovery research – or generative research – is where the journey begins. We start with a research plan and a dive deep into gaining an understanding of the project, the stakeholders, the aims and objectives. This can often bring out facets and nuances not considered before. This sets some directions – and our initial hypotheses. Then we dive deeper into the world of the users – who are they, what are they trying to do, what are their challenges, why, what, how, when….We aim to gain enough detail to visualise the current customer journey with a clear indication of what works, what doesn’t. This is the world of ‘as is’. Play these insights back into the stakeholder discovery data and what can we see?


The User Researcher can draw on lots of different techniques and tools depending on the context, the users, and the research question: usability testing, evaluating testing, surveys, A/B testing, Tree testing and more. Like discovery research, most can be applied remotely reducing time and cost to everyone’s benefit – but without loss of integrity or validity of findings. This is where we dig into users’ behaviours while engaging in MVPs, prototypes or full apps (retrospective evaluation). Data translates into a visualised and detailed journey landscape of the world ‘as it could be’.

Actionable Insight

Data analysis is an iterative and collaborative process bringing team members together so that all perspectives are captured and played in. There are many methods of analysis we can apply (it doesn’t all start and end with an affinity board!) – content, grounded theory, thematic, discourse, action research are just some we can apply. What we do depends on what we aim to achieve…. And that’s why a research plan is essential. We report our findings and actionable insights using a method and format that our clients want – visualised presentation to a full written report. But the key point is: all findings and insights are traceable right back to the source – the raw data. We only report what we find.

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Lesley Crane PhD UX Design Dip., Director, Knowing How Research Insights

After an eventful career as a tech entrepreneur and digital learning pioneer, as well as a video director/scriptwriter, you might think that’s quite enough careers for one person. Not me. I transitioned to a career as an academic and author specialising in organisational psychology and knowledge behaviours. This led to working as an independent professional researcher for clients like the Gatsby Foundation, Learning and Work Institute, Universities and Central Government amongst others. I kept my hand in the tech entrepreneurial world, though, working with others – UCL for instance - to set-up successful tech business incubators. UX beckoned. Most of my research career has focused on the user experience which, along with my background in tech development, makes me a natural for user research. Gaining a professional UX Design diploma and experience working at the sharp end of some of the most complex and difficult environments for a user researcher, I set up Knowing How Research Insights as a specialist in evidence-based research. Our focus is on leveraging actionable insights that can help to transform a product, service or even a business. Always something new to learn. The joy of research.

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